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The most genuine and amazing Cooking Class takes place at the Lemon Garden, in the unique scenario of the typical lemon gardens of Amalfi. These are not "standard" gardens. It's a vertical farm, very hard to preserve. Terracing and pergolas built with chestnut wood of local forests, bees for pollination and honey production, pure and crystal-clear spring water... are all unique elements that contribute to make these gardens a great example of sustainable agriculture and natural engineering.

The Cooking Class is attended by not so many people per lesson and is deeply interactive.
You will have the privilege to cook (and learn how to cook) some Amalfitan traditional recipes such as:

  • pasta (you'll make it with your own hands)
  • the sauce (if you have specific choice, the chef is at your disposal)
  • scamorza cheese in lemon leaves
  • the "Eggplant Parmigiana", we call it "Parmigiana di Melanzane"
  • meat or fish according to your choice
  • lemon cake
The meal is accompanied by water, organic lemonades, local wines, Limoncello liquor.
Moreover, you will visit the factory where Limoncello and other delicious products are made, so you can buy them directly from the producers, at exclusive special prices.

But let's see in detail what kind of magic is the Cooking Class...

Amalfi Coast Cooking Class

We got a suggestion about the Lemon Tour with Cooking Class in Amalfi and this ended up being our favorite part of the entire honeymoon - definitely recommend you inquire with the Living Amalfi Team about doing that on your stay.

The typical products and fresh ingredients

At the Lemon Garden there is one basic philosophy: to get the most of organic quality and simple life. And you realize this from every little detail, just tasting the products made with Amalfitan lemons.

In this environment, the importance of bees is crucial. In fact, pollinating the lemon trees, a continuous blooming is guaranteed. Moreover, the owners of this farm produce a compact and soft honey with a fresh and velvety taste. Together with a cup of tea (or low-fat milk) and wholemeal biscuits or a homemade cake, this kind of organic honey is ideal for a healthy breakfast.

At the Cooking Class in Amalfi you will always find local and fresh products, carefully selected for you.

Scamorza foglie di limone, cheese in lemon leaves, Amalfi Cooking Class - Living Amalfi
Typical Amalfitan dish: Scamorza cheese in lemon leaves

Parmigiana di Melenzane Amalfitana Napoletana, Amalfi Cooking Class - Living Amalfi
Parmigiana di Melenzane Amalfitana (Eggplant Parmigiana)

5 things you can do at the Cooking Class in Amalfi:

  1. Cook & Eat Amalfitan traditional recipes;
  2. Drink Limoncello, organic lemonade, Lemonciok and Limoncello cream;
  3. Relax by the lemon groves which will mesmerize you with their delicate beauty and their fresh and sweet smell;
  4. Get exclusive special prices buying typical products directly at the factory;
  5. Discover the precious benefits of a simple and genuine lifestyle.

The Limoncello Factory

Each organic lemon is hand-peeled, this is one of the few secrets of a delicious Amalfitan Limoncello. We said "few" because it's true: the original Amalfitan Limoncello is made of: Alcool, unripe lemons, water and sugar. Nothing else. And it's tremendously delicious! The only "secrets" are in the wise way the ingredients are mixed, and here at the Limoncello Factory you'll have the proof that the knowledge of tradition is terrific.

Producing Limoncello bottles, Amalfi Lemon Tour - Living Amalfi
From lemons to Limoncello: producing Limoncello bottles at the Factory

Verdello lemons (not mature yet), Amalfi Lemon Tour - Living Amalfi
Verdello lemons (not mature yet)

The future generations

With roots firmly planted in the traditions of the past, and the beauty of the present, we cannot help but think of future generations. That's why sensitive children and teenagers, who are willing to learn and spend time in Nature, are very well welcomed to our Garden!
Farmer with child, Amalfi Lemon Tour - Living Amalfi

Child makes lemonade, Amalfi Lemon Tour - Living Amalfi
The future is in the hands of our children! We have the enormous responsibility of educating them to the Beauty and the Sublime, to gratitude and unconditional love for the earth that gives us everything we need if we know how to take care of it wisely.



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Number of children (up to 10 years old)

The meeting point

This amazing adventure begins in the heart of the Amalfi Coast: the Cathedral Square in Amalfi.

Amalfi Cathedral, Duomo di Amalfi - Living Amalfi

The guide will meet you at the bottom of the staircase to the majestic main church of Amalfi.

The start time

Ok, got it but, at what time? Please, contact us to get detailed and customized information.

Duration and availability

The Cooking Class takes place every year from 1st March to 31st October, every day!
Officially, each class lasts about 2.5 / 3 hours. We stayed there several times and let us tell you that there is no precise duration because every cooking class is a unique experience, where you, your chefs and the Amalfitan peasants will enjoy the time spent together to learn, taste and live the traditions of Amalfi.

Amalfitan handmade pasta Scialatielli, Amalfi Cooking Class - Living Amalfi

Amalfi Cooking Class - Living Amalfi

How to reach the meeting point of the Cooking Class

Reaching the main square of Amalfi is very easy.
If you come by bus, stop at the Amalfi bus station which is on the waterfront, walk on your right (having the sea on your back) to Piazza Flavio Gioia, cross the road and then enter the Cathedral square (Piazza Duomo)
If you come by ferry boat, stop at the Amalfi ferry pier, walk on your right (having the sea on your back) to Piazza Flavio Gioia, cross the road and then enter the Cathedral square (Piazza Duomo)
If you need a private transfer from a custom location, book it on Amalfi Transfers, or ask us to arrange it for you: chat with us now.

Amalfi map, Amalfi Cooking Class - Living Amalfi
Google map


The standard price of the Cooking Class is 180 Euro per adult, and it's 100 Euro for children younger than 10.
The Lemon Tour + Cooking Class costs 200 Euro per adult and 100 per child younger than 10.
We have already prepared a special offer for you, contact us right now to grab it!
The participation to the Cooking Class allows to benefit from discounts and special prices on the purchase of products sold directly in the Lemon Factory.

How to book

This is easier than to decide where to go and for how long, isn't it? Whether you need further information, or customize your Cooking Class, we're always here to help you. Just send us an email to or chat with us now.
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from Unites States
One word: AMAZING!! All that we cooked and ate was just great! Fresh ingredients and tasty food! I cannot recommend this cooking class enough.
Rated 5/5June 2023

from Unites States
Incredible experience!
I cannot thank you enough, guys! You gave us the opportunity to be part of an incredible experience! I like cooking and for me it was so interesting learning how to cook local recipes. Not to mention the stunning location, we were immersed in nature.
Rated 5/5June 2023

from France
Fantastic lunch under the lemon trees! My kids enjoyed it a lot!
Rated 5/5May 2023

from the USA
The best cooking class I ever had!
Everything was just perfect!! The lemon cake we tasted was delightful. Thank you for such a great time!
Rated 5/5October 2022

from United Kingdom
We had such an amazing experience!
We cooked delicious dishes, I personally liked the eggplant parmigiana, it was something I will never forget, I will try making it at home!
Rated 5/5September 2022

from the USA
The best experience we had on the Amalfi Coast!
My family and I had the best experience ever! We cannot recommend it enough! We started with the Lemon Tour and then we attended this amazing Cooking Class, where we learned a lot and enjoyed a delicious lunch. The Limoncello at the end was superb!
Rated 5/5September 2022

Living Amalfi Admin
We can't wait to welcome your lovely family back again!
September 2022
from the USA
The lemon garden tour and cooking class were amazing. Highly recommended!
Rated 5/5April 2016

Living Amalfi Admin
Thank you so much for your review, Tyler! Glad you had a wonderful experience.
April 2016
from the USA
We got a suggestion about the Lemon Tour with Cooking Class in Amalfi and this ended up being our favorite part of the entire honeymoon - definitely recommend you inquire with the Living Amalfi Team about doing that on your stay.
Rated 5/5July 2015

Living Amalfi Admin
Thank you very much for your review, Kate! Pleased to have had you among our guests.
July 2015

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