Capri Boat Tour

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Capri Boat Tour

My family and I want to thank you so much for the boat tour, it was just brilliant! We had the best time ever. The children said, that this was the best day of their life!!

Do you want Capri to have no more secrets for you? Discover its unrivaled beauty sailing around the island, beyond the Faraglioni, and then heading to the beaches to explore the heart of this Italian gem.

Capri is an island of karstic origin. Did you know that it has not always been an island? Yes, initially it was joined to the Sorrento Peninsula. Later, about 8 thousand years ago, it was submerged by the sea and then separated from the mainland, where today is the strait of Bocca Piccola.
Characteristic of Capri are the famous Faraglioni, three small rocky islets just off the shore, creating a stunning dramatic effect. They also have names: Stella is attached to the mainland, Faraglione di Mezzo is in the middle and Faraglione di Fuori (or Scopolo) is further away from the island.

Capri Boat Tour from Amalfi Positano - Living Amalfi
Just relax and fully enjoy the day, the sailor will take care of everything!

Capri Boat Tour from Amalfi Positano - Living Amalfi
The sailor is at your exclusive disposal for the whole tour

Capri Boat Tour from Amalfi Positano - Living Amalfi
Towels and soft drinks are always included in our boat tours

The Capri Grottos

Capri has many wonderful grottos! All of them are freely accessible, except for the Blue Grotto.

The Emperor Tiberius loved the Blue Grotto so much that he used it as his personal swimming pool! It was his favorite nymphaeum, a temple dedicated to sea nymphs

At the Blue Grotto, called “Grotta Azzurra” in Italian, the sunlight passes through an underwater cavity and shines through the seawater, creating a unique blue reflection that illuminates the cavern. The Blue Grotto in Capri extends some 50 metres into the cliff at the surface, and is about 150 metres (490 ft) deep, with a sandy bottom.
At the Blue Grotto there is an entrance fee of 14 Euro per person, to be paid at the rowers directly.

Long boat: Capri Boat Tour from Amalfi Positano - Living Amalfi
Capri has many wonderful grottos and your sailor perfectly knows how to sail to them.

Blue Grotto Capri Boat Tour from Amalfi Positano - Living Amalfi
The Blue Grotto today

Painting of Blue Grotto Capri Boat Tour from Amalfi Positano - Living Amalfi
The Blue Grotto in a painting by Jakob Alt, 1835–36


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The meeting point

On the Amalfi coast there are many piers and docks, so just tell us where you want the boat to dock and the sailor will be there at your disposal.

The start time

Ok perfect, can I choose the start time too? Of course, you can choose when to sail, as long as it’s between 8:30 am and 10:30 am. This time range is important because it allows you to enjoy the whole duration of the boat tour and to return, as required by the Italian laws, no later than 18:30 - 19:00 (depending on the month, because of the daylight).

Duration and availability

The Capri Boat Tour lasts eight hours. Like all boat tours, the Capri Boat Tour is not active during Winter.

What to wear

Wear the essential because you'll often go from the boat to the mainland and vice versa. Wear a hat for the sun and shorts for the heat. From June to September the weather on the Amalfi Coast is usually warm and sunny. Oh and don't forget to bring your swimsuit!

Here is a table by ilmeteo reporting the medium temperatures on the Amalfi Coast during the last 3 years:

Month Night temperature Day temperature
January9,9°C (49.8°F)13,5°C (56.4°F)
February8,9°C (48°F)13,7°C (56.7°F)
March10,5°C (50.8°F)16,3°C (61.3°F)
April13,0°C (55.5°F)19,9°C (67.8°F)
May16,4°C (61.5°F)24,3°C (75.7°F)
June20,4°C (68.7°F)28,6°C (83.5°F)
July22,4°C (72.3°F)31,6°C (88.9°F)
August23,1°C (73.5°F)31,9°C (89.4°F)
September20,7°C (69.3°F)28,1°C (82.6°F)
October17,6°C (63.7°F)23,2°C (73.8°F)
November14,4°C (57.9°F)18,6°C (65.5°F)
December12,0°C (53.6°F)15,6°C (60.1°F)

How to book

This is easier than to decide where to go and for how long, isn't it? Whether you need further information, or customize your Capri Boat Tour, we're always here to help you. Just send us an email to or chat with us now.
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from the USA
We cannot recommend doing this boat tour enough! For me and my family it was the best we have ever had! I was a bit skeptical at the beginning because I suffer from sea sickness, but the sailor was so skilled that I could truly enjoy the tour with no problems at all! We landed in Capri and had time to visit the island and had lunch there. The sailor suggested us a delicious restaurant right by the sea. My family was so happy at the end of the day!
Rated 5/5June 2023

from United Kingdom
the island of my heart!
Absolutely go to Capri, you cannot miss it! The living amalfi team helped us organize the tour with a wonderful large boat and the sailor offered us drinks and snacks. Capri was just a delight, it’s the island of my heart!
Rated 5/5May 2022

from the USA
Our boat was sooo amazing!! It was very big with plenty of space and even had a bathroom inside. My friends and I enjoyed the day so much, our sailor was so pretty and always available for any needs.
Rated 5/5September 2021

from Germany
Capri is a gem
Capri is favorite place on earth! I fell in love with it thanks to LivingAmalfi. They arranged for us a fantastic boat tour and everything was just perfect! We could also see the Faraglioni rocks from the boat.
Rated 5/5June 2021

from Canada
Such a wonderful place!
Me and my husband booked the private boat tour to Capri months ago, and we were very excited! Franco, our captain, went above and beyond our expectations, he is very professional and always does his best to make sure you are enjoying the most of this experience! We landed at a great restaurant in Capri, named Saracena, and had lunch there. Their specialties are pasta and fish, the quality of food is excellent. Capri is a wonderful place, we loved it sooo much! I would do this experience again and again, and I already recommended Living Amalfi to my family and friends.
Rated 5/5June 2019

Living Amalfi Admin
Thank you very much Lily!!! You will always be welcome here on the Amalfi Coast! All the best!
June 2019
from the USA
The best tour!!
Our boat tour to Capri was the best part of our stay in Italy! We sailed from Amalfi and the captain was very gentle and always ready to assist us and show us the best places to swim and the most wonderful grottos of the island, apart from the well-known Blue Grotto!! I'll come back next summer for sure.
Rated 5/5September 2017

Living Amalfi Admin
Thank you so much, Vincent! Give us a call when you're ready: +39 3388 655 444
September 2017
from United Kingdom
Highly recommended.
Having a large boat with a toilet was a further comfort, since the tour lasted 7 hours. Thank you Living Amalfi for helping us booking this amazing boat tour!!
Rated 5/5July 2017

Living Amalfi Admin
Thank you very much Bradley, you're welcome back whenever you wish!
July 2017
from Australia
Really pleasant and great skilled sailor!
Really pleasant boat tour to Capri Island and comfortable large boat for our group of 8! Thank you Livingamalfi staff, we will surely come back to the Amalfi Coast and do this unforgettable tour once again!
Rated 5/5June 2017

Living Amalfi Admin
Thank you very much Stefanie! We're so glad that your family enjoyed this amazing tour! We are at your disposal: +39 3388 655 444
June 2017
from Georgia
A unforgettable experience with my family
The boat tour was AMAZING!! Me and my family enjoyed the Amalfi Coast a lot! The boat was bigger than we expected and was very comfortable! We appreciated the towels and the fresh water bottles provided on the boat and the use of the shower. Not to mention the kindness of the sailor, which was a lovely surprise for us! He also showed us the best places of the Coast, even the most hidden beaches and grottos! We will definitely come back to the Amalfi Coast and rely on the professional service of Living Amalfi!
Rated 5/5August 2016

Living Amalfi Admin
Thank you so much Mariam! You are a fantastic family, very good guests! We look forward to meeting you again on the Amalfi Coast!
August 2016
from United Kingdom
Amazing tour
Living Amalfi helped us book a private boat trip to Capri. We had a wonderful day trip! The sailor also stopped by a couple of grottos, we didn't know that there are so many small and bigger grottos in Capri and especially along the Amalfi Coast (we have noticed the latter ones from afar). It was absolutely amazing!
Rated 5/5April 2016

Living Amalfi Admin
Hello Hugo, thank you so much for your review! We're very happy that you had such an amazing trip!
April 2016
from Australia
Amazing tour
This tour to Capri is simply amazing!! I was with my friends, we were 12 in total. Follow the sailor's advices and you won't regret it!
Rated 5/5July 2015

Living Amalfi Admin
Hi Sterling! Thank you very much, say hello to all your nice friends! :)
July 2015
from India
My family and I want to thank you so much for the boat tour, it was just brilliant! We had the best time ever. The children said, that this was the best day of their life!!
Rated 5/5July 2015

Living Amalfi Admin
Great! Your family and you are excellent guests, very nice people, thank you Rinku!
July 2015

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